Rufus & Coco has joined forces with The Australian Pet Welfare Foundation (APWF), with the purpose of working closely together to help pets worldwide. Our first priority with the APWF is on our 'Pets Are Welcome' campaign. 

Did you know that each year, in Australia 20,000 cats and dogs are euthanased simply because their owners’ rental agreement say they aren’t welcome? Many Australians have no choice but to surrender their beloved pet to a shelter because of “no-pets” clauses in rental agreements. Strata accommodation (even if you own it) can also restrict pet ownership, as you have to have agreement from other tenants to have a pet.

Our mission is to promote change to allow pets to be included and allowed in a rental agreement – they save lives, both pets and people’s lives. We know, that owning a pet improves your health.

About the APWF

The Australian Pet Welfare Foundation (APWF) is a charitable organisation that exists to make a difference to the health and welfare of pets in our community. Their vision is to create a world where:

  • pets live longer, healthier and happier lives in a forever home
  •  human-animal relationships are enriched, for the benefit of pets and people.

The APWF improve the health and welfare of companion animals by creating new knowledge through research. The APWF share that knowledge with the community, shelters and pounds, state and local governments and veterinarians, to create change to save lives.